What you can do

💌 Share Slite documents directly into public or private channels in Slack
🔍 Search for Slite docs from Slack and share them directly from Slack
🔔 Send notifications in a Slack channel for each new doc created in a Slite channel

📥 Receive your personal Slite notifications in Slack

Connect your team accounts

  1. You must be an admin or owner to install the integration.

  2. Click on your team's icon in the top left corner of Slite to get to your Settings.

  3. Navigate to Team Settings > Integrations in the menu.

  4. Click on "Browse integrations" and select "Install" to the right of Slack.

💌 Sharing a Slite doc to Slack

When you go to share for the first time, you'll need to link your individual account:

After clicking "Link account", you'll see a popup screen to choose which Slack community you're connecting in Slite.

Click "Allow" on the next popup, and you're all set. Now that the integration's activated, you can share any Slite doc in any public Slack channel:

  1. Click on the Share icon in the top right of your doc. You can click the Slack icon to share to Slack.

  2. Pick any channel or DM from the dropdown menu.

  3. Choose whether to attach the note in Slack, or add a custom message.

  4. Once shared, the Slack channel will have access to the Slite doc along with an in-app link to it.

What your team will see

🔍 Searching and sharing Slite docs in Slack

  1. Type "/slite search [add your search terms]" in the chat input on Slack

  2. The command will display the top 5 results and allow you to share the document in your current channel.

📣 Receive Slite activity highlights in Slack channels

  1. Head to your Slite channel settings.

  2. Send activity to Slack by toggling the button and selecting your destination channel in Slack.

  3. You'll now receive notifications in your assigned Slack channel when your team members create or edit a doc in your Slite channel.

Please note, you can only receive notifications in public Slack channels.

Result in Slack:

Common issues

Slack is connected but searching Slite from Slack doesn't work:

This can happen because your team is using multiple Slite teams with Slack. Contact support@slite.com if Slack search isn't working.

You aren't able to share to Slack, and you see an error that Slack isn't enabled yet.

-> Just ask an admin for your team to install it.

You see a blank screen with an error

Log out and log in and clear your cookies > try again :)



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