What enabling SSO for my team means 🤔

  • Single sign-on gives your members access to Slite through your G Suite domain.
  • Only people with an email address under that domain can join your Slite team. People with a different email address can't join your Slite team.
  • It'll become the only way to sign onto your Slite team for the user added as member. User added as 'Admin' can still use their email/password as fallback.

Let's take Acme as an example: 

  • Acme owns a Google Apps Gsuite account with a verified domain acme.com
  • They set Google SSO on their Slite team.
  • Anyone with name@acme.com will be able to join the Acme team, no one else.

Enabling Google SSO for your Slite team 🔑

  • Go to your Team settings on the top right corner >  Authentication tab.
  • Click on Enable Google SSO. You will be redirected to the Google Auth page.
  • Select the Google Apps verified domain you want to use and under which all your team members will login to Slite.

Getting existing users to binding their Slite accounts 🔗

  • Enabling SSO for your team will automatically send an email to your Slite team members with instructions to log in through their Google account.
  • In your team settings > Members, you can see the list of users who have signed up with SSO based on the Green/Red icon . You can resend binding email.

How to remove SSO?

Head to your Authentication section & click 'Remove SSO'

Adding more domains to your Slite team ✨ 

  • Contact us via the chat if you need to enable SSO for more than one domain 
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