What enabling SSO for my team means 🤔

  • Single sign-on gives your members access to Slite through your Google Suite.

  • Only people with an email address under that domain can join your Slite team. People with a different email address can't join your Slite team.

  • Once activated, Google SSO will become the only way to sign into your Slite team for those with the Member role. Users added with the Admin role can still use their email/password as a failsafe.

Enabling Google SSO for your Slite team 🔑

  • Go to your Team settings on the top right corner >  Authentication tab.

  • Click on "Enable Google SSO". You will be redirected to the Google Auth page.

  • Select the Google Apps verified domain you want to use and under which all your team members will login to Slite.

Getting existing users to bind their Slite accounts 🔗

  • Enabling SSO for your team will automatically send an email to your Slite team members with instructions to log in through their Google account.

  • In your Team settings > Members, you can see the list of users who have signed up with SSO based on the Green/Red icon . You can resend the binding email.

How to remove SSO?

Head to Team settings > Authentication and click "Remove SSO."

Adding more domains to your Slite team ✨ 

Contact us via support@slite.com, if you need to enable SSO for more than one domain.

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