You're on a mission: you love Slite and want your team to adopt it. Here are some tips to help as you're sending out Slite invites to your team members:

1️⃣ Start with one team

Invite key people from your team to start testing the product together. Being several to test out Slite will give you a realistic idea of its potential and it's always easier to convince people to get on board as a group!

💡Pro tip: make sure you include a decision-maker in the bunch, if you're not one yourself.

2️⃣ Pinpoint the problem Slite solves for your team

Go back to why you started testing Slite in the first place. Does Slite:

  • Replace previous tools?
  • Encourage more knowledge sharing?
  • Structure your team's work?
  • All of the above?

3️⃣ Import content into Slite

To get a better sense of how Slite could enter your workflow, you can import some of your existing content from markdown, html, doc/docx, Confluence, Evernote and Google Drive in a few clicks.

Read more here!

4️⃣ Explore use cases

You can discover use cases by checking out ready-to-use channel templates and make your team's adoption of Slite faster.

💡Pro tip: creating an employee on boarding channel is one of the best ways to start structuring important company knowledge in Slite.

5️⃣ Structure your Slite

Create your first channels and notes to ensure your team members don't land on an empty Slite but rather get the value and use cases in an instant. 

💡Pro tip: structure your channels around topics or projects. For more efficient organization, separate channels for flow (meeting notes, collaborative docs...) and stock (company knowledge, processes, documentation...).

6️⃣ Use the Slack integration

Encourage your team to use share Slite notes via Slack. This will:

  • Introduce them to Slite
  • Demonstrate some of the use cases of Slite

💡 Pro tip: next time your team member asks for information in Slack that's in Slite, use the Slack integration in Slite and share the right note directly. They'll feel the value of Slite right away.

7️⃣ Invite your entire team and more!

Time to get your company on board and share knowledge 🎉  

💡Pro tip: enable auto-join in your team settings to allow anyone under your domain to automatically join your team.

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