Check out 5 ways your Customer Success team can benefit from Slite. Get set up with the free templates and get inspired by these use cases:

#1: Team playbook

Customer Success teams have to follow evolving guidelines to perform well: how to handle bugs, how to handle feedback, how to handle a churning account etc.

Use this template 📌

#2: Educational content

Draft the help and educational content for your customers to use your product in the best ways possible. 

#3: Employee onboarding

Get your new hires on board as efficiently as possible. Get them on top of your weekly rhythm, the tools you should be using, 

Use this template 👋

#4: Weekly reviews

Use Slite to log meeting notes and performance reviews of your team.

Use this template 📅

#5: User feedback

Write up user feedback and user interviews and log them in Slite for the Product team.

Use this template 💬

Don't forget to check the rest of our free templates.

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