Here are six ways you can use Slite with your dev team: 

#1: Processes, workflows and guidelines

As your team scales, you're improving your workflow and need to keep everyone on the same page. Some examples:

#2: Technical specs

Use code blocks with syntax highlighting and snippets when you write your technical specs with your team.

#3: Employee onboarding

Give your new hires a place where they can easily find practical info like

  • Office life
  • How you organize as a team 
  • Cheatsheets

#4: Training and best practices

Share your best practices and your new learnings with the rest of your team.

#5: Team retro meetings

#6: Release notes

Log release notes to keep track of what you all the features you're launching and make it easier for the product marketing team to communicate it to users. 

These are just 6 ways to use Slite with your dev team but the possibilities are endless! Here's one last screenshot of Slite's very own tech team's channel:


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