Marketing teams write and plan a lot. Here are 5 ways you can use Slite to centralize all your marketing content and information with free templates to get started faster:

#1: Content marketing

Draft articles and collaborate on them in Slite's collaborative real-time editor.

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#2: Handling press relations

PR announcements require lots of content to produce and lots of planning. Use checklists and note-links to make your life easier as you're doing this.

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#3: Product launchesย 

Planning is one of the key ingredients to a successful product launch. Make sure you're on top of it by writing it all down and coordinating with the product team.

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#4: Marketing processes

As your team scales, so do your processes. Keep your team aligned on the way you do things by documenting them in Slite.

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#5: Weekly reviews

Take a look at achievements, failures and the next goals and log them in Slite.

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