In app 

When do I receive notifications?

You'll receive in-app notifications when the following happens

  • A team member commented on a note you edited
  • A team member mentioned @you in a note
  • A team member mentioned @you in a comment
  • A team member pinged you over to a note
  • A team member changed your permission rights in team settings or channel settings

How do I manage them?

If you'd rather not receive any Slite notification you can mute them:

  • If you're on the web app: via your system preferences 
  • If you're on the desktop app: via your browser settings

Email notifications

When do I receive email notifications?

If you have an unread notification in Slite, we'll send you an email to notify you and ensure you don't miss out on anything happening in the app. 

How do I manage them?

You can choose the frequency at which you receive these sort of emails in your profile settings > notifications digest frequency.

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