Images can tell your story, make your case, and add a bit of style to your docs.

Supported formats and file sizes

Your images (even animated gifs) must be smaller than 20mb and in an image format that browsers can understand like .gif, .jpg, .png, .heic, .webm, etc.

How to add an image

  • Paste an image you've copied
  • Drag and drop an image from a folder or your desktop
  • Upload an image from the editor toolbar to select a file from your hard drive
  • Type /image to bring up the file upload prompt

How to resize an image

Hover over the right margin of the image to see the resize (directional arrow) icon.

How to move an image within your doc

You can drag and drop images, and even move entire layout rows at once via the three line icon to the left of your images.

How to create an image gallery

Drag and drop your images to put them into a gallery layout. Up to 3 images may be placed per row.

How to view an image full-width

Click the full screen icon (expanding arrows in the 4 corners) at the top, when you hover over an image, or double click on your image.

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