You can add images in Slite to better illustrate your points for your team members.
You benefit from flexible controls over the images you add in Slite: resize, drag and drop, full screen/carrousel view. You can also create gallery of images.

How to add an image?

  • Paste an image you've copied on the web or anywhere else
  • Upload an image from the block toolbar

How to resize an image?

Hover the right margin of the image to see the resize icon.

How to move around an image?

Hover the left margin of the editor, select and hold the option icon to drag and drop the image around.

How to create an image gallery?

Drag and drop an image next to another one to create a gallery. One row can contain up to tree images.

How to enlarge the note?

Click the full screen icon at its top right corner or double click on your image.

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