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1 - Goals and use cases

Assess the needs you have to determine how to use Slite. 

Is it to centralize playbook & how tos, onboard new users, train the team, communicate information to the team that need to remain accessible, create team hubs to facilitate transparency,.. ?

If you want to clarify it and discover best practices - feel free to book a call in my calendly

2 - Onboarding set up


We recommend a progressive and top down approach. Invite the top management and head of teams first.

Head of team is responsible for

  1. Assessing the knowledge their team needs the most
  2. Inviting their team leads to set the channels structure
  3. Inviting the rest of his team to contribute and collaborate 


  • Create your channels by teams or topics and make them open to everyone or private for specific people.
  • Set default member permissions for each channel
  • Use notelinks to link your notes.


To officially share Slite with the rest of your team, shoot them an email (and if you're on Slack, share a note in the #general channel) 


  • Activate Auto-join for your team's domain to facilitate onboarding
  • Encourage your team to use the desktop app to keep an easy access to contribute and access info  🖥
  • Encourage your teams to use their personal channels to help create habits on Slite ✍️
  • Connect your Slite to your Slack

3 - Assess onboarding

For the following actions, @brieuc is responsible for providing you with the relevant data:

Measure the number of users who have created their accounts

Measure the number of users who have installed the desktop app


4 - Follow up the success of Slite

It is key to follow up on the value that Slite is bringing to your team. Furthermore, it will help us to continue building Slite in the right direction.

Determine a key factor of success that we could follow up with you on a monthly basis:

  • % of user active
  • % of user who read
  • % of user who edit

Keep us updated on the improvements you would like to see on Slite ☀️

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