Deleting a note in Slite happens in two steps. First you will send the note to trash. Then you'll be able to find all the note you've deleted in the trash and delete them permanently or restore them.

How to Send to Trash?

You can send a note to Trash via note controls in the channel list. Hover your note > click the three dots at the end of the line > click "Send to Trash" in the menu.

or from the right column of the note > click the 3 dots button then "Send to Trash".

Restore a note from the trash

You can find the trash at the bottom of your channel list (left column), scroll down.

Once a note is in Trash, you can either Restore it back to its channel or delete permanently (this action cannot be undone).

Who can delete notes?

If you're a "Reader" in a channel, you will not be able to trash or delete any notes or collections from that channel. 

If you're a "Writer" in a channel, you will be able to trash notes in that channel but not delete them permanently unless you're the note's author.

If you're an "Admin" of a channel, you have the right to trash and delete notes of that channel.

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