In Slite, comments are organized in threads. When you add a new comment, you start a new thread, where the conversation can continue.

Starting a thread

There are two ways to start a thread.

1. General threads

You can start a general thread by clicking the 💬 icon at the right side of your note and add your first comment.

2. In-line threads (only accessible to writers)

Writers can leave in-line comments. Select the text you wish to comment and click the 💬 icon.

💡You can create a line break by hitting shift+enter
💡You can add note links and mention people in your comment with @+name

Editing and deleting comments

Resolving and reopening threads

Resolving a thread when conversations are over. 

🔔 Notifications

Who will be notified when I write a comment?

  • All the people who have written in the document
  • Anyone @mentioned in the comment

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