Nesting information together

Keeping all of your knowledge in one place is a great way to ensure that nothing gets lost, but how you organize will be the key to unlock its potential.

To start, make sure top level "folders", which we call channels, are created for each department, topic, or project that is important for your team.

After the channel level, each new doc that you create in your channels can contain multiple docs nested under them, in a tree hierarchy, so you can easily create clusters of information around specific topics. 

For example, if you create your company handbook like we show above, the first doc can include internal links to the branched docs that are nested inside it.

Emoji to make docs pop or set the tone

You can also choose an emoji "icon" for all of your docs (though not your channels), to better illustrate their content.

And you can use emoji shortcuts to type emoji directly into your channel names, as well. 👀

Reordering your docs

For fast reordering between channels and parent docs, you can drag and drop individual docs to put them where they fit in:

Likewise, you can select a doc in the sidebar to "Move to" another channel or another parent doc:

Using the /directory command

Just type /directory in a parent doc to list the nested docs below it, and sort them.

More info here.

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