Who can invite new members

On the free plan, any user can invite new team members to your Slite.
On a paid plan, there are admin features that let you control who is allowed to invite new members.

How to invite new team members

Click on your team name at the top left corner of your app. Then click "Invitations" in the menu.

Methods of invitations

1 - Email

Send an email invite directly from Slite, if you have your team's email addresses on hand.

2 - Invite link

Copy the invite link to paste it wherever your team will find it. If you delete the link and enable it again the previous link you have shared will no longer work.

3 - Share invite link in Slack

Already on Slack? Cool, share your invite over there.

How to invite a lot of people?

If you need to invite a lot of people, you can use the bulk invite.

You're planning to add more than 100 people in a day, reach out to so we remove the limit for you.

Advanced tips

Auto join

You can enable auto join to allow all users registered under your email domain to join your Slite organization without receiving and accepting an invitation. Read more here.


On a paid plan, you can enable SSO for your team. Read more here.

Set where new team members start

To help onboard new teammates to your workspace, customize the first doc everyone sees when joining your team. This may be found in your team settings.

You can give everyone access to important information right away, and send them to a specific doc that explains how your team uses Slite.

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