Find a document

Your team's knowledge in Slite is meant to be easy to organize and easy to find. 

To search docs, use the shortcut cmd / ctrl+K or click on "Find anything" to expand the search panel.

If you don't enter anything in the search bar, we will show you the docs you've visited recently. All the best results, in one place. 🙌

Refine your search (with filters)

For common search terms, you can use filters to search in doc titles only, or even find results in the trash. We will add more filters for added precision, in the near future. 🤩

How often search is updated

Newly created docs should appear in search within a few seconds (and they'll be available for tagging in other docs, at that point.) Updates to existing document body content (rather than titles) could take a bit longer to index.


Currently, our search capability is limited to the first 40,000 characters in a doc. For very, very long docs, results after that 40,000 character limit will not appear in search.

Search engine indexing

We do not currently submit public docs to be indexed with Google.

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