Adding code

Type /code to get started with adding code snippets in your docs.

Choose your language

You'll be able to select your coding language from the drop down menu along the right of the code block menu.

Code block options

You'll have 3 options via the inline menu for your code block

  1. Copy code (to clipboard)

  2. Wrap code, rather than scroll side to side

  3. Format code, to make indentation uniform and remove unnecessary spaces

Move, expand, copy, and delete

You'll also have the three line menu to the left of your code block that can be used to drag and drop the block within your doc, copy the anchor link to this spot in the doc, delete, or even create an issue / card / task in your integrated issue tracker.

< - > Finally, the directional arrow icon lets you expand the block to full width to work in a bigger space.

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