Add a tables

Use the / command and start typing 'tables' OR click the tables icon in the inline toolbar.

Add and delete rows/columns

  1. Click on the grey bar next to the row or the column you'd like to select
  2. It will display a menu to add rows/columns and a trash icon to delete it

Format your content in cells

Select your text & pick the formatting option in the toolbar 

  • Bold, Italic, Highlights, Placeholders, Notelinks,..
  • You can also add in line comments from the toolbar

💡 To go to the line, you can now simply hit 'enter'. 

Resize columns

Hover the separator between two columns, drag and hold it to the place you wish

Move a table around

Hover the margin next to the tables & hold the option menu to drag & drop your tables wherever you want in your document.

Delete a table

  1. Hover the margin to see the option button.
  2. Click on it to see the delete option

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