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How to close your Slite team account

To permanently delete your team's Slite account and data, head to your Team settings via the top left menu in your Slite app. Click the "Expand" button at the bottom right, next to the Team deletion section.

Simply click the red "Delete my team" button at the bottom of the page. You'll be given a prompt to confirm that you're sure:

Who can make the delete request

Only a team's owner may delete it.

What about the data?

Owners will receive an email confirming the deletion, with a link to their team's backup docs. Please note, this does not include any personal docs of team members.

Members will each receive an email with their own data (their private user docs, only.)

Data backups will need downloaded right away, as the download links expire in 15 days, with no way to recover anything after.

Safe travels!

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