The version history lets you see what has been added, modified, and deleted in a doc. It's essentially a changelog.

Recover lost work

You can restore to a previous version of your doc by selecting it in the left side menu, and clicking "Restore" in the top right of the history menu.

📌 Note: on the Free plan, you only see the latest 3 versions. You can upgrade to the Standard plan to get unlimited history.

How to consult the doc history?

From the three dot menu in the top right of your doc, click on "History".

After that, scroll down and click on the correct version in the left column.

Tip: additions that were new in the version you're viewing (from the one before it) appear highlighted in green, while removed words appear in red.

How are doc versions triggered?

Slite records a version in history after a period of inactivity. After you update your doc, Slite will wait 5 minutes before adding that version.


  • You'll see Slitebot appearing sometimes. This is simply our system.

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