You can quickly import your Google Docs, so that all of your knowledge lives in one place.

💡 If you want to embed your Google Drive files in a Slite document, head to this article!

Import your Google docs as Slite docs

  1. Look in the bottom left sidebar for your Slite team.

  2. Click on the "Import content" button.

  3. Pick the destination channel, into which you want to import your documents.

  4. Select the Google Drive option. If it's the first time you are importing from Google, you'll be asked to log in & give your permission to access files.

5. You'll see a file upload prompt for your Google drive.

6. Select the file you want to add in Slite, after which you'll be shown a confirmation message (or an error, if there is a problem.)

After that, you can click "Go to the channel" to see your fresh docs. 💐

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