#1 Slash command

Insert Trello cards, YouTube video, the date of today, tables & more in a flash.
How? Hit slash "/" and type what you want to insert.

#2 Quick access

Navigate and access notes you know in no time.
The quick access also lets you:

  • view your most recent notes (unlike all notes lists your team most recent notes)
  • join one of your team members on the note he's on

How? Hit cmd/ctrl + k to open it or the quick switch button on top of the 1st column.

#3 Open a note in a new window

In the desktop app, you can open a note in a new window. Pretty useful when you're working on different notes simultaneously.
That way, you can have a note and the app or two notes side by side.

Double click on a note in the second column.

#4 Mute a channel

Channels are open by default so all your team knowledge is transparent and accessible. Hiding a channel can be useful to reduce the noise from those channels that are less relevant to you.

How? On top of the second column, click on the bell iconΒ 

#5 Stay focused

You can set your notification digest frequency to adjust it to your need!

Via your Profile settings.

#6 Collaborate with external people

You can share a note publicly and make editable for anyone who has the link. Handy when it comes to collaborate with external people (agencies, future hires,..)


Use the shortcut when you know the name of the emoji ": + name of emoji (ie. ":tada...")

  • Mac users: use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + cmd + spacebar to trigger the emoji menu
  • Windows users: use the keyboard shortcut win + period (.) or Win + semicolon (;) to trigger the emoji menu

πŸ–₯ Desktop app

Download our desktop app and stop loosing yourself in your Google docs tabs. It's so 2015 πŸ™ˆ See more about it here

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