You may use templates for any content you'll need to repeat.

  • Recurring tasks (like meetings, updates, etc.)

  • Standardized processes (projects preparation, customer qualification, KO call, employee onboarding, and so on.)

What you can do

  1. Create and save template

  2. Create Nested templates

  3. Set a default template to standardize the best practices across your teams

How to use a template?

Create a new doc and click on "Use a template" to open the template picker.

This button will only show if the document is empty.

How to find and create templates

Templates are accessible from the bottom of the left sidebar. Templates will be available to use and edit by everyone in your team.

You can also create templates from a doc, directly. Click on the three dot "More" actions menu in the top right to find the "Save to templates" action.

Nested templates

You can create nested templates. Understand a parent doc templates with sub docs (children). So when you use a doc template, it will also create the children docs.

Click on the "+" to add a children doc template.

⭐️ Example below, everytime you create a new project in this channel, it will come with all the required document to get started faster

Set default template for a section

When you have define process out of a best practices or a goal, the best is to see everyone using it. However is not always easy to follow it. Now you can define a default template every time someone create a doc in this doc section or collection.

1.Go to your document settings > Set templates for subdocs

2. Pick the template of your choice with the step 1 of this screen.

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