With the Trello integration, your team can:

  • Embed Trello cards into Slite

  • Create Trello cards from Slite

  • Preview Trello cards in real-time in Slite

  • Update and sync content between Trello and Slite

Installing the Trello integration

Head to the upper left-hand corner of your Slite app > Team Settings > Integrations. Choose Trello and log in with them, to connect your Slite and Trello accounts.

⚠️ You will need to link your user profile as well, to see the Trello option in the burger menu. To authenticate, click on Share > then click on the Trello icon at the bottom left of the modal > Link your account.

Embedding Trello cards into Slite

Either type /trello or just paste your Card share URL. (Note: whole board URLs won't display.)

Creating Trello cards from your Slite docs

Share your Slite doc to Trello to turn it into a Trello card. Fill up the details of the Trello card; choose your board, list and assignee.

You can also send over a specific content block from your doc, rather than the whole thing (via the three line menu to the left of a block when you hover over it.)

After sharing to Trello, head to your board: your card will be there ✨

A live preview of your Trello card will also be added to your doc.

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