With the GitHub integration, your team can:

  1. Create GitHub issues from Slite

  2. Preview up-to-date GitHub issues in Slite, after you've pasted the URL.

Installing the GitHub integration

Head to the upper left corner of the Slite app > Team settings > Integrations. Choose GitHub and log in to connect your Slite and GitHub accounts:

⚠️ You will need to link your user profile as well, to see the Github option in the burger menu. To authenticate, click on Share > then click on the Github icon at the bottom left of the modal > Link your account.

1. Creating GitHub issues from your Slite notes

  1. Select content from your Slite notes

  2. Click the burger menu in the margin

  3. Click "Create a GitHub issue"

2. Show a preview of Github issues

  1. Get the link of the issues

  2. In Slite, hit "/github" or choose Github among the options in the inline toolbar

  3. Paste the link to show the preview

In the preview, you can see the Title, the Status, the assignee and the details.

Just expand the view to see everything.

You can't see all your repositories? Grant access from Github

  1. In Github, head to your Applications

  2. Open Oauth Apps

  3. Pick the Slite integration

  4. and finally Grant Organisation Access

Fill out the issue details, and choose your Team, Repository, and Assignee to create it.

After that, head to your GitHub team, your issue will be there ✨

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