With this app you can

  • Attach any note to your next Google Calendar, accessible to all event attendeesΒ 
  • Access events linked to notes from Slite
  • Create Slite notes from your Google Calendar events

It's handy to get every attendee to take meeting notes in one place and have a place to find the takeaways at the end of the meeting πŸ“

Installing the Google Calendar integration

Two simple steps to start using the integration:Β 

1. Install the Integration for your team's Slite: head to the upper left-hand corner of your app to manage integrations and add the Google Calendar integration

2. Then, each member can start using the integration by simply clicking on the three dots at right-hand of your note and linking their personal Google accounts to Slite:

Using the Google Calendar integration

Once installed, you can use the integration across all your notes. Click on "Add to Google Calendar", select the event you'd like to attach the note in and confirm:

Once that's done, all event attendees will find the link to the Slite note in the event description. You can choose to set that note as a private link if it's a meeting with a team member or a public link if it's a meeting with someone outside your team :)

Jumping to your events from your Slite notes

Once you've attached an event to a Slite note, your team and you will be able to jump to the event directly from that note. All events linked to notes appear on the right sidebar:

Create notes from your events

Once you've connected your Google Calendar account to Slite, you can create a Slite note from any event. Simply click on the link in your event description to generate a new Slite note:

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