Tracking down receipts from all your different SaaS tools can be annoying. We know your pain!

We want to make Slite as easy and convenient as possible, for you. 

To help, here’s a smart way to find and store them all automatically:

We’ve added Slite to Collect by Spendesk. This free tool finds receipts from all of your ongoing payments and stores them in a central dashboard. So you don’t have to look through your emails or log into lots of different platforms to see all your receipts. 

How to get started

All you need is a Collect by Spendesk account.

  1. Go to Collect by Spendesk and create an account. If you already use Spendesk, you just need your login credentials.

  2. Go to the Marketplace and find Slite.

  3. Hit Add Collector.

  4. Use your Slite login to connect the two tools:

  5. From the Collectors screen, choose Run collector:

  6. Select the start date, and how often you want to collect invoices. 

  7. You’re all set!

What happens next

Collect will gather every new invoice at the frequency you chose. If you pay for Slite monthly, it’ll collect your invoice every month. 

You’ll be able to find and download invoices for every one of your payments from a single place. And that’s pretty sweet. 

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