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How to import

You can export your content from Notion into Slite one page at a time or all at once, here's how:

  1. In Notion, open the page you wish to export > open the "..." menu on the top right corner and select "Export".

  2. Set the options as follow:

    • Select export format: "HTML"

    • Select include content: "Everything"

    • Check "Include subpages"

    • Check "Create folders for subpages"

    • (If you're exporting from a database, select "Current view")

  1. Click Export and wait for the archive to generate / download.

  2. Final step is in Slite

    1. Import content

    2. Choose the destination

    3. Then choose the downloaded archive from the file picker.

    4. When the import is done you'll received a notification (see below)

What can you import?

  • The doc structure (what you see in your sidebar in Notion)

  • The doc content including

    • Headers, bullet points, numbered list, etc

    • Hint block

    • Links between docs

    • Images

    • Videos

    • ...

  • The database are transformed as Smart Tables and soon Collections (the database equivalent)

What you need to know

  • Users import are not supported yet. Your mentions will be converted into text.

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