A native import is currently under consideration. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to support@slite.com to get additional migration help. 🙂

Teams switch to Slite when they want to ensure an easy adoption, at scale. Slite is designed to be minimalist and better fits the needs of fast-growing teams.

Here's how to import your Notion content:

  1. Open Settings & Members in the left column of Notion.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Scroll down to "Export content".

4. Click "Export all workspace content", then choose the HTML format.

5. Sign in to your Slite account.

6. Choose Import Content at the bottom of the left sidebar.

7. Import each document from your Notion export, as HTML.

Once you've imported your workspace, your Notion docs will live in Slite. 🙌

How to import Databases

The html import will unfortunately not transform the Notion Databases in Slite Smart Tables for now:

  • databases will be imported as simple tables in Slite.

  • link between tables will not be maintained

You can create a Smart Table under the tables, set the right data type in each column and copy paste the content of your simple table. It will keep the formatting.

Please reach out to us if you bump into any issue. 😊

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