Teaser: after a massive number of requests for a native Confluence import, we decided to build it. Reach out in the chat if you want to know more about its status.

Although we support importing content from Confluence, the end result might be different from what you have in Confluence because of the different set of features we offer.
Your images are exported aside the document by Confluence. You can drag and drop them back in separately from the attachments folder. 

Exporting Confluence notes in bulk into Slite

  1. Go to your source site and select the space
  2. Click on the space name in the sidebar and choose the cog icon.
  3. Choose Content Tools > Export > Select HTML > Hit Next > Export (This option will only be visible if you have the 'Export Space' permission)
  4. Choose Normal Export unless you want to choose specific pages to export.
    Export as html.
  5. In Slite, import the html files via the Import content menu in your team settings💥

Exporting individual Confluence notes into Slite
Go to the page you want to export, select the '...' button in the top right and then choose Export to Word.
In Slite, import the doc files via the Import content menu 💥

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