The Owner is the most powerful administrative role in Slite. You become an Owner by creating your own Slite team, or if an Owner chooses to transfer ownership to you.

Owner rights

Owner is the only one who can delete an account or transfer the ownership.
This role can manage all the permissions & all details in the team settings.

Transfer Ownership

Because organizations change over time, Slite makes it possible to transfer ownership of a workspace. 

💡 We recommend adding a step to your company’s off-boarding process to make sure a departing employee can transfer ownership before they leave.

If the Primary Owner leaves before transferring ownership, we still need to verify the identity of this person with the information we have on file.

  • if you still have access to their email, you can email us asking for the transfer. For security's sake, you must use the email we have on file. 
  • Ask this person to reach out to us to confirm the transfer

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