You can invite guests to specific channels. Channel guests are useful for when you want to collaborate and share information with contractors, clients, or partners who aren't members of your organization.

  • Channel guests are free and don't count in your member total (there is a limit of 5 free guests per 1 paid user.)

  • Guests are limited to one channel in your Slite organization.

  • There is not a firm limit to the number of guests per channel.


Just add your guest's email address through the Sharing menu, and they'll receive an invite to come work with you. Guests have access to only the channel where they've been invited, so you don’t have to worry about them seeing details from other parts of your organization. 

Changing guest permissions (reader / writer) and removing a guest

Simply click the drop down menu to the right of your guest's email address to change their permissions, or press the trash icon next to their name to delete them.

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