Get your teammates on the same page 😉 - your document. (You can find the external share guide over here.)

Notify your teammate in the doc 🗣️

You can share your docs with members of your team. You can even share a private doc with specific teammates. Sharing a doc with your teammate will ping them.

(⏰ We combined the "Ping" feature into the share menu. When you share a doc with a teammate, even if they're already added to the doc, they will get pinged.)

Invite your teammates to a channel via your doc 📔

If you share a doc with your teammate who isn't in the channel yet, they will be invited:

Collaborate on private docs 👯

You can even invite teammates to collaborate on private docs, now!

All of the private docs that are shared with you will live in the "Shared with me" channel in the top left of your sidebar.

You can copy your doc's link to paste to a teammate, directly.

Share via integrated apps, like Slack 📤

You can share your docs wherever is most convenient for you. 💗

You can manage permissions directly in the Share menu, as well:

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