There are several ways to share docs with people who aren't members of your team.

(You can find the guide about internal sharing over here.)

You can copy share links via the icon in the bottom right of the Share menu.

Here's an example of a public doc in the wild: Embed Examples.

Once you have copied the share link, choose the permission(s) you want to give people:

  1. Click the Access menu.

  2. Give writing, reading, or no access at all.

  3. Choose if you want to include sub-docs.

  4. Choose if you want to show the Duplicate button.

  5. Click the Update button.

Share your docs via email 📧

You can also invite guests via email and given them writing or reading permissions. (You can even add people to your workspace through the same menu if you'd like).

  1. Type an email address.

  2. From the Invite menu, choose Guest.

  3. Give writing or reading access.

  4. Choose if you want to include sub-docs.

  5. Click the Invite button.

Control who can publicly share docs 🛂

Prefer to restrict public sharing to certain members of your team? No problem.

On the Standard plan, go to the "Public sharing" section of your team settings to set permissions for who is allowed to make docs public.

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