Embed & edit your Google Drive files within your Slite docs to streamline your knowledge and make Slite the source of truth for your team.

☝️ The feature is only accessible on the web version (in browsers), not in the desktop or mobile app, at this time.

Which Drive file types you can embed in your document?

Apps: Spreadsheets, Slides, Documents, Draw & Diagram.net (ex Draw.io)

Files: Images, PDFs, Videos, etc

How does it look?

We display a preview of your private embeds directly in your Slite docs.

You can even edit your files through Slite, if you expand your embed to full view:

How to embed?

Method A: the best one 😉

  1. Type "/Google Drive"

  2. Authorize your Google Drive account

  3. Click on "pick a file"

  4. Choose the file you want to embed in Drive, without leaving Slite.

Method B

  1. Go on the file you want to embed, on Google drive.

  2. Click on "Share" to open the share menu

  3. Copy your private share link.

  4. Paste your private share link in the Slite embed block:

How to edit Gdrive files directly in Slite

This feature concerns the following files: Spreadsheet, Slides, & Docs.

Double click on the 'Expand' button to display the file full screen and you'll be able to edit it directly from Slite like if you were in Drive.

❗ Important notes

  • Private Google drive files are not visible in the desktop app. Embeds in the app will show as a linked block:

  • After a user allows Slite access, any embeds added by the user remain visible for all people opening the doc

  • If you don't have access to the Drive to which the Google Drive embed belongs, you'll see a "Request access" button.

  • For now, you can connect only one Google account per Slite member. If you need to revoke an account, contact support@slite.com to reset your token.

💫 TroubleShoot issues

If Google Drive keeps asking you to connect your account when embedding a file, you can remove your Drive access to clean the connection and start again.

  1. Head to your Google Drive account > Click "Security"

2. Scroll down > "Remove third-party access"

3. Open Slite > Click "Remove access"

4. Go back to Slite, hit "/Drive" and connect your account again.

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