Use OpenID Connect in Slite to allow users to securely sign in with Okta identities. It will also become the only way people can sign in Slite.

How to set it up?

1. Create application in Okta:

a. In your Okta workspace > Applications tab, create a new application.
b. Choose the Web App type.
c. In the login redirect URI input, add the following URL

2. In your Slite workspace:

a. Go to your team settings > Authentication tab > Configure OpenID authentication
b. Enter the name of the authentication provider.
c. The provider URL is the url of your okta workspace under the form https://[YOUR_OKTA_WORKSPACE]

3. Last steps

a. Finally head back to Okta > applications created > settings > General tab. Copy paste the Client Id & client secret located at the bottom into Slite.

b. Click validate and save. Every member of your Slite team is now required to sign-in through Okta.

Reach out to if any troubles

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