Use OpenID Connect in Slite to allow users to securely sign in with Azure AD identities. It will also become the only way people can sign into Slite.

How to set it up?

1. Create an app in Azure AD.

a. In the Azure AD control panel > App Registration category:

b. Click on "New Registration."
c. Choose a name for this app, for example Slite.
d. In the redirect URI enter:

2. Configure your authentication on Slite

a. Go to your Team settings > Authentication tab > Configure OpenID authentication
b. Enter the name of the authentication provider.
c. In the provider URL, enter where tenant-ID refers to your Azure AD tenant ID. (Can be found on the overview panel of your newly created application in Azure AD)
d. The client ID can be found right above the tenant ID, in the same panel.

3. Last steps

a. Finally head back to Azure AD > applications created > Certificates & secrets
Click New client secret , copy its value and use it to to fill the client secret input in Slite

Finally, clicking "Validate" should redirect you to Azure AD's authentication portal, where you can identify yourself. Once authenticated you will be redirected to Slite and the SSO configuration process will be over. 😊

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