You can now import a workspace from Confluence into a Slite channel in one click.

What can you expect?

  • The import will keep the structure of your documents intact.

  • You will retain most of your formatting: bolding, checkboxes, tables, images, and even document links!

How to migrate your Confluence workspaces to Slite

  1. In your Slite team settings or from the left channels sidebar, click on "Import content".

  2. Select the Slite channel where you want to import your Confluence workspace.

  3. Choose "Confluence" as the source.

  4. Fill your Confluence organization name (subdomain), admin email, and your API key. You can create an API key via this URL:

  5. Choose your Confluence workspace & click "Import".

The importer will consolidate your workspaces into one document.

This will appear in whichever Slite channel you choose.

💡 Open this doc to easily rearrange your content with drag & drop.

Getting your API token

Common errors

If you see "An unknown error occurred while importing data from Confluence.", then it's possible that you're using the wrong API key, organization name, or admin email.

Migrating individual Confluence notes into Slite

  1. Go to the page you want to export, select the settings button '...' in the top right and then choose Export to Word.

  2. In Slite, import the doc files via the Import content menu 💥

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