You can reach for help with any issues. (We also have a question mark bubble in the bottom right of the app that you can use to message us, while logged in 🙇.)

If you haven't heard from us or you'd like to try to resolve it on your own, here's a few quick tips to resolve common issues (in order of difficulty):

1. Refresh or restart Slite

On the web, if you refresh you'll automatically receive any fixes or updates that we've released since the last time you refreshed - it's possible the bug has been resolved already.

In the desktop app, restarting should prompt installation of the newest version.

You might need to manually download the latest Slite app version on mobile, depending on your settings. 🙏

2. Log out and back in

This will help with authentication issues, in particular. 🔒

3. Try using Slite in private / incognito mode in your browser

If everything works normally in private mode, when your regular browser doesn't, it's probably a browser extension blocking you. Try turning off each browser extension in turn to see if that fixes it. 👍

4. Try another browser / device, or the desktop app

Chrome is usually one of the best tested browsers if it's not a Chrome extension causing the problem, but you can always try to access Slite on mobile or via the desktop app, as well.

(You can find other browsers through a service like

5. Check if you have antivirus software or a firewall blocking Slite

If you can access Slite through one device or mobile data but not wifi or not your work computer, for instance, this could be the problem.

Sometimes this will even crop up with an antivirus software or firewall that worked with us previously.

We can provide our IP and other info for you to add an exception for Slite.

6. Clear cache / browsing history / cookies in your browser (or uninstall and reinstall the app.)

This takes a bit more work and we'll only recommend it if you've tried everything else.

If none of these fix the issue, let us know and we'll be glad to dig in further with you. Bugs happen, and we're here to help squash 'em. 🐛

Bug reports

When bringing bugs to use, we really appreciate additional info like:

  • what you were doing when the bug occurred

  • if it happens randomly or reliably when you do something specific

  • any other specifics like "only occurs with accented characters", "goes away on restart of app"

  • any screenshots or screen recordings of the problem

    • Loom is great for this

    • is also good for recording a gif

      Bonus points for using the question mark bubble in the bottom right of your admin to get debug info, or developer tools to provide error info, as well. 😉

Bug bounties

We have more info here.

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