Folders (also known as your Channels)

In Slite, the top level of organization is a channel. Channels can't be re-ordered and will be displayed in alphabetical order in the left sidebar, with favorited channels appearing at the top:

The left sidebar contains your channels, the top level of organization in Slite.


After channels, you have documents. Documents can have other documents created or nested below them - they can act as stand alone docs and folders.

Documents are organized into channels, but you can also nest docs below other docs to create a file hierarchy.

Moving things around

Drag and drop

Just click and drag on the title of a doc in the left sidebar to move it. And we also have more info about dragging and dropping elements in Slite, over here.

You can drag and drop docs to reposition them (but the same is not true for channels.)

Use the move function

Click on the three dot menu next to the title of a doc to Move it via the menu options.

There's also an actual

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