It's easy to add pops of color, beauty, and personality to your docs. Cover images will even get applied to doc cards that you create for your docs, automatically.

How to add a cover image

Hover your cursor over the title of your doc to see the prompt to add a cover image:

You may select Banner or Badge styles for a full width image, or a smaller icon with background color.

Cover image guidelines

We have a guide for uploading your own cover images, over here.

3 Options for your image - upload, choose from stock, or use our curated gallery!

Use one of our images

If you don't have an image on hand, you can choose an image from our gallery, and then customize the background color:

Add your own image (upload from files)

Or if you'd rather, you can upload your own image up to 10mb:

Use the Unsplash gallery

You can even search for images, here.

A note about cropping / dimensions

Set dimensions are 492 by 300px. The source image will be placed in the center, then zoomed until it covers both dimensions.

Remove what you added

Just click on the trash icon when you hover above the Cover image you've added.

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