You can now add a 2 minute Cover video to your docs that need a little explanation, good vibes, or a quick summary to reach their potential.

How to add the Cover video

Hover your cursor over the top right of your doc (above the title) to get the prompt to add a cover video:

Click the cover intro button in the top right of your doc to add your video.

If you haven't done this step before in your current internet browser / app, you'll be asked to grant permission:

Enable your camera and mic permissions so Slite can allow you to record.
Once you grant mic and camera permissions, you can record video for your docs.

When you click on the red button to record, you'll see a 3 second countdown. After that, you're recording! 😊

Delete a Cover video

If you're not satisfied, you can delete it and re-record your video; prior versions aren't retained with your document:

Delete your intro video from the doc.

Advanced cover video usage; give a guided tour of your doc

If you click on elements in your doc while you're speaking, viewers will see these sections light up while watching your video.

How it looks for you:

You should see sections light up as you click them. If you don't, you might be due for a refresh / restart of Slite.

You will see sections in the doc light up as you click them.

How it looks for them:

(But hopefully you're making better facial expressions than this 😂.)

How the intro video looks for your teammates.

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