This feature is available via our Premium & Enterprise Plans with enforced OpenID SSO.

Group provisioning allows you to sync the user groups from your authentication provider with your Slite user groups. This will automatically maintain the integrity of your Slite permissions while saving time whenever users are added or removed.

Like with user provisioning, Slite supports JIT (Just-In-Time) group provisioning.

Providers like Okta, OneLogin and AzureAD are fully supported, but any provider supporting the groups scope should be compatible with this feature.


  1. Your Slite user groups will be synced with the selected OAuth user groups.

  2. When users are added or removed from your OAuth groups, the same will automatically happen with your Slite groups.

How to set it up?

Verifying OAuth (OpenId) provider compatibility

If your OAuth provider supports the groups scope and is configured to send groups to Slite application, you should be able to see your current OAuth user groups in your Personal settings > Open Debug panel.

Activation and association of groups

Group provisioning is setup under the user groups you have created in Slite.

  1. Head to the user group page, select the Slite group you want to automatically provision, and click Enable synchronization.

  2. A new text box will appear, allowing you to indicate the names of the OAuth groups you wish to sync with the selected Slite group.

  3. Copy the names of the groups from your OAuth provider and paste them in the text box, separated with a comma (e.g, usa-sales,europe-sales).

❗ Once the sync occurs, any Slite users who aren't members of the OAuth group will be removed from the Slite group. Users who are members of the OAuth group but not the Slite group will be added to it.

When are groups synchronized?

The groups are synchronized when one of the following actions occurs:

  • The user signs-in.

  • The user's token refreshes (every hour by default).

  • The user clicks on refresh in their Personal settings > Profile.

Reach out to or use the in-app chat if you have any questions!

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