What is a collection?

A Collection is a table that's connected with documents. It helps your team organize a specific set of docs into a single source of truth that you can refer to across your workspace.

You can enrich your document with tags, owner, dates, and other attributes, to filter the data and create views to embed in others documents in Slite.

💡 Collections also help to declutter your sidebar. When you start to see endless lists of docs in your sidebar, it's a good sign to try them.

Some great use cases

  • Project documentation

  • Product specs

  • OKRs

  • User interviews

  • Jobs opening

How to create a Collection?

a) Turn an empty doc into a Collection

💡 If the document contains children documents, they'll be automatically added to the Collections.

b) From the editor

Simply hit /collections and click "New collection"

Embedding a Collection in Slite docs

You can also display some documents from your Collection in other docs. This is pretty handy to refer to documents while avoiding duplicate content and by keeping one single source of truth.

💡 Below is a great example of the Product team using embedded views to show what each Squad will working during the next cycle.

How to use docs in collections

When you open a doc in a Collection, you can easily navigate using the top/down arrows at the top.

You can also change the metadata directly from the preview at the top of the doc. The changes will also reflect in the columns of the Collection.

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