Slite Discussion is currently in Public Beta - May 2022

Tired of endless Slack threads, Zoom meetings without clarity? In Slite, you can now start long form discussions on clear topics in your team and drive them to resolution while logging and centralizing clear decisions for everyone!

-> To see the best use cases & how it fits in your workflows

1) How to use it?

Open your Discussion panel from the sidebar.

This is where Slite will centralise all your key decisions so you can navigate easily through them and refer back to them at any time.

You can view the 'Open', 'Decisions' & 'Closed' Discussions and you have the ability to filter them by your participant role and the channel location.

Decisions (1).jpg

Create a discussion

In the sidebar, click on the "+" button next to a document. Then choose "New discussion". It will open a draft to expose your topic and you will be able to set the proper context (Owner, Participants, Deadline).

Assign a clear owner and involve the relevant people.

Add one 'Owner' to your Discussion and multiple 'Participants' when you create your Discussion.

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Set a Due Date so you don't need to follow-up.

The Owner and Participants will receive automated due date reminders so you don't need to ping each and every teammate.

Add Due Date (1).jpg

Agree with something someone said? Highlight and agree.

If you're reading a response and nodding your head at the same time, why not select it, highlight it then give it a 👍. The person who wrote the response will receive a notification letting them know you appreciate/agree with their thinking.

Highlight 2 - Agree (1).jpg

Quote part of a response by highlighting then hitting reply.

Sometime you'll find yourself wanting to response to a specific part of a response. Don't waste time copying and pasting - highlight it, tap reply and you'll see it appear in the reply box.

Highlight - Reply (2) (1).jpg

Reached a decision? Add it to your Doc, right in context.

Docs hold the bigger picture, but certain decisions are often a key element in the direction. Add your decisions directly into your Slite Docs.

-> Just hit "/embed discussions" and search for the discussions

Embed Decision in Doc (1) (1).jpg

On the go? Access Discussions on Mobile.

View, Create, Reply and React on Mobile Discussions on both Android and iOS.

Mobile Discussions (3).jpg

2) Common use-cases



Core decisions

Strategy, OKRs, roadmaps

  • Should we hire a VP marketing?

  • When should we adopt OKRs?

  • When should we raise our series C?

  • What is the main focus of the product team for Q2?

  • What are the two core KPIs we should follow for Q3


Process, ownership

  • Which squad handle these bugs?

  • When an opportunity is validated?

  • Which team is responsible for the step 2 of the customer onboarding?


Proposals, new ideas

  • What do you think we should with this feature?

  • How to achieve this goal?

  • Could you share your ideas for this project?

What about Slack?

Discussions do not replace Slack ⚠️. Slack remains the go to place for immediate chat, DMs. Important conversations and decisions should go in Slite where they're easier to follow and save.

How does it fit in your teamwork?

  • Discussions comes handy before creating a doc to document a project, a roadmap...

  • One the discussions is resolved with a decisions, you can create a doc to document it.

Best practices

  • Use "Resolved with decisions" to restate the decision and align everyone.

  • Use a global discussion when you launch a topic

  • Use a doc discussion to clarify some elements of a process, a roadmap,..

  • Try to not let threads go unresolved with latest activity 3 days ago

  • Make use of /sketch in messages to explain/illustrate/clarify more complex topic

  • Make use of /video to record video directly to explain complex topics

Other use cases

  • decisions on strategy

  • how to build a certain product feature and why?

  • specific feature specifications

  • different ways you can measure success

  • an approach to a product release plan

  • topics for the up-coming company-wide all hands presentation

  • how you will set up a take-home test for a employer interview

  • any sort of open questions you may have

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