We have an integration with Excalidraw to bring your docs to life with live drawings, graphing, and written collab on a doc. You can use Sketch for:

  • Processes & workflows

  • Product roadmap

  • Team planning

  • ...

This works great for many of the use cases that you might currently take to Miro Boards, Whimsical, Figma, Diagrams.net, etc - and it's built into the Slite editor!

Create a sketch

Use the /sketch command or click on the Sketch option in the editor menu to add it in your doc, and double click on the block you've created to get to work.

The top bar lets you select your sketch mode (shapes, lines, text, free draw, etc) and you can use the sidebar to change colors, shapes, & more!

Draw on an image

You can use the image icon in the far right of the Sketch toolbar to import an image under 2MB. You can then draw on this image to add context, provide a photoreal element / screenshot, and make your sketch more robust!

Make it full screen

Click on the Sketch to select it .You can "Expand" it via the multi-directional arrow button:

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