#1 Slash command

Insert tables, date of today, code, to dos & more in a flash.
How? Hit slash "/" and type what you want to insert.

#2 Quick access

Navigate and access notes you know in no time.
The quick access also lets you:

  • view your most recent notes (unlike all notes lists your team most recent notes)
  • join one of your team members on the note he's on

How? Hit cmd/ctrl + k to open it or the quick switch button on top of the 1st column.

#3 Open a note in a new window

In the desktop app, you can open a note in a new window. Pretty useful when you're working on different notes simultaneously.
That way, you can have a note and the app or two notes side by side.

Double click on a note in the second column.

#4 Mute a channel

Channels are public by default so all your team knowledge is transparent and accessible. Muting a channel can be useful to reduce the noise from those channels that are less relevant to you.

How? On top of the second column, click on the bell icon 

#5 Stay focused

You can set your notification digest frequency to adjust it to your need!

Via your Profile settings.



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